How To Nail Marketing Your Venue Online

How To Nail Marketing Your Venue Online

Fed up of paying £3 per click on Google for traffic to your venue page that barely ever converts into bookings? If Yes, read on….


How to nail marketing your venue online

Know your customer…

As with any marketing campaign, the most crucial starting point is to understand who you want to find your venue. The last thing you want to do is spend budget driving irrelevant enquiries. E.g. Are you looking for “large corporate” bookings? If yes you will want to be targeting personal assistants. Looking for wedding bookings? You might want to think about finding people on “Pinterest” creating wedding boards…or targeting people who’s relationship status changes to “engaged” on Facebook!

Try to avoid PPC channels…

When you use pay per click channels, you are paying for every visitor to your website. When marketing on “commission” based channels you are only spending money for Guaranteed return [ROI]. Although you are reducing your margin which often makes more business sense for your profit margins.

Know The one thing everyone loves….

Captivating images. Instagram has turbo charged the way that imagery is used to sell. Customers of all sorts, but especially event organisers look at images as the first thing that drives them to enquire (and if a short-lead time enquiry book) with. Make your imagery amazing, invest in it and then push it through all your partners and marketing channels, especially social media and affiliates/marketing platforms.

Ratings & Reviews

Peer to peer marketing is and always has been the most effective type of marketing. This applies in digital as well as word of mouth. Ensure you ask your customers to rate and review their experience with you and then enable them to easily share and recommend your venue online.

Take advantage of economies of scale…

Be smart about what digital channels you use and where you can get the highest reach. Ensure your venue is discoverable on the most visited and most relevant platforms. This might be publishers like, “The Nudge” “Timeout”, specialist publications such as wedding planning websites or aggregator platforms like, and of-course! These websites will be taking advantage of economies of scale through heavily investing in search engine marketing, ensuring they capture thousands of organisers a week so if it’s right for you look to feature on all that are relevant.

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