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Four Quarters Bristol

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Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JA - 

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    £300 min spend

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    Up to
    150 guests

Located on the iconic Park Street, Four Quarters Bristol offers up to 20 original arcade machines and a selection of retro console options. Beneath the main floor you'll find a stunning basement bar to complement the main floor bar and arcade area.

Four Quarters are the UK’s original arcade bar brand established in 2014. Our lovingly restored original arcade machines span from the 70’s to the late 90’s, including classics from Space Invaders to Time Crisis 2. We offer a wide range of cocktails and local craft beer, so there’s always something for even the most discerning guest. If you’re hungry, we also offer delicious pizza, with veggie and vegan options.

Capacity & layout



up to 150


Air conditioning

Air conditioning

Natural light

Natural light

Table / chairs included

Table / chairs included

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Licensed for alcohol

Cancellation policy

Deposit is only refundable with a minimum 7 days notice

Other rules

Terms & Conditions: Basement = 21 days Full venue = 28 days Conservatory = 14 days



  • Belinda

    April 2024

    Had a super fun time playing the many nostalgic arcade games at Four Quarters. The staff were friendly and helpful. The machines work only with US quarters but you can buy these from the bar: you get 18 quarters for £10. It worked out about £15 per head per hour for the games plus the drinks (these were good value, not pricey). I’ll be coming back.

  • Dion C

    November 2023

    Fun activity, downstairs offered a more private setting for playing games as a group , really like that we didn't have to book anything but probably recommending doing so if your own to come with a big group. Enjoyed the cocktails and the pizza.

  • Paul

    April 2024

    The ambiance and range of vintage arcades was great and staff were friendly. It was quiet when we visited, so no issue with jumping on machines and having fun. The range of soft drinks was a bit limited which is why I’ve only gone for 4/5, but I’ll definitely return for more fun

  • Tom Francome

    April 2024

    An honest review from an old regular - I used to spend long evenings in the Elephant & Castle store knocking out high scores with mates. At 4 quarters for a pound it was a great day out, but at 4 quarters for £2.50 in the Bristol store, it’s just too expensive to justify visiting any more. It used to feel like a fun, affordable, nostalgic way to play the games I grew up on. Now it feels like using these same games to take advantage and fleece me for cash, which is a real disappointment.

  • Alec Holmes

    April 2024

    Let down by the total lack of care for the toilets and customers. Having a toilet without light is crazy! Do you want people to make a mess on the floor?! And when it’s brought to your attention, don’t shrug it off and say “oh yea we’re looking into it”. Jeez, it’s a light bulb not rocket science! Has a few games, and is quiet. N64 has more games but is quite booming.