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Tea Room At Bun House

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23 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DZ - 

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Descend to Bun House’s theatrically louche basement and you’ll discover this well-observed homage to hedonistic Hong Kong dens of yore, courtesy of Sino-American couple Z He and Alex Peffly. Inside, a vintage jukebox plays a soundtrack of 1960s Kowloon divas, while waitresses in cheongsams waft between punters seated at booths or on rattan verandah chairs. Exquisitely presented cocktails are the stock-in-trade here, built on premium Chinese base spirits. To these, head honcho Franky Rodrigues adds a few extra ingredients – syrups, liqueurs, bitters and aromatics made in-house – to form a winning list of 21 original ideas. Highlights include Fenjiu-based sweet and sour sharpener, Coriander & Cucumber; and Cigarette & Palm (a smoky Old Fashioned made with palm syrup, tobacco liqueur and revered Baijiu brand, Moutai). Otherwise, order Chinese beers, teas, plum or rice wines, and snack from Cantonese sharing plates: tea egg brûlée with tea tree nest, perhaps, or oolong-smoked quail.

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  • Ellie Illing

    June 2024

    Great options really tasty food! If you want to sit in just walk past the queue and ask as there is usually a queue for takeaway buns. Get a selection as they aren't that filling. They are cooked to perfection very fluffy!

  • Josh H

    March 2024

    Very hyped, and lives up to it beautiful. Service is quick and staff helpful and friendly. The buns are just delicious, the chicken and lamb in particular are incredible. Star of the show is the custard, their windows says squirting guaranteed and they’re not wrong! Grab plenty of napkins because the bun is jam packed with warm runny custard. Went everywhere, but tasted great. Buns are stamped with the Chinese word for what they are with a little key to the symbols on the box so you can work out which is which. Great idea. Will be a go to spot for us everytime we’re in London. It’s a little expensive compared to other places nearby, but for what you get it’s well worth it (£11 for 3)

  • Stefi the Stessi

    June 2024

    The buns are very good, but the rest of the menu is where the true highlights hide! Try a bit of everything. The kaya french toast and fried tofu are particularly awesome.

  • Philip Morgan

    June 2024

    I did takeaway in the end as the buns are 3 for £11. The buns were really tasty, very soft and quite filling. Word of advice- Be prepared to shove the custard bun in, in one go- it’s super messy and everyone in Leicester Square kindly put up with my surprise at the bun ‘popping’. Presentation was nice but service was a bit snippy- maybe the guy was having a bad day but he was getting frustrated with customers not knowing where to go in a tiny shop. Worth it though!