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Ratings & Reviews

Anett Aneta

August 27th, 2021

Absolutely amazing! Our room had the most beautiful view - I could not believe that this place is real. Everything was beautiful, beyond my wildest dreams. The food was delicious and we were super lucky to always get the table near the window which had the most beautiful view. The hotel is super luxurious, my love and I really enjoyed our stay. Thank you for a wonderful stay! Reception at the hotel staff very helpful in particular Jessica who gives her whole heart with her work she is helpful, hardworking just perfect!!! Thank you Jessica thanks to you we had a great stay. All the best! ❤️


Susan Burns

September 20th, 2021

Iconic location between Tower Bridge & St Katharine's Dock so there is a great view from all rooms. Some of the furnishings need a makeover but it was very clean. Staff very friendly and helpful. Good breakfast buffet with served cooked items. Excellent value for money especially if you can get a deal via a third party booking website.


Stephanie Ann Foster

October 17th, 2021

The view is incomparable. The staff in the lounge is so kind and attentive, and the sparkling water was lovely. The people at the mail desk were kind and helped us get chargers and adapters sorted; they were so lovely. That being said, there were some issues with my stay. One reason I booked a relatively fancy hotel was that they offered laundry. Turns out that they mean they offer it for an insane added fee. Just to wash the clothes I wore on the airplane would have cost over forty dollars. No thanks. There was rust and grime on the shower fixtures. I woke up early and, not wanting to wake my roommate with the kettle in our room, I headed down to the lobby for some tea. Everything was closed and the people at reception told me I would have to wait for the hotel restaurant to open if I wanted a cup of tea. Okay. Waited an hour and then went to the hotel restaurant. They demanded to see my room key first. (How many dressed up people dragging suitcases are trying to sneak into this restaurant?!). Fine. I go back and get my key. When the restaurant finds out I only want tea they tell me I will have to to the lobby for that. I go down to the lobby and explain everything that has happened. I was so sure they could just find me a tea bag and some hot water…nope. Now I have been sitting in this lobby thirsty for over two hours. They were not busy down here. If they had even seemed to care a tiny bit or had even pretended to look for a cup of tea I would have left them a good review. Instead they treated me like I was beyond weird for a morning cup of tea. IN ENGLAND.


Brian Stephens

October 4th, 2021

Staff very nice. Our first room was damp with a very wet floor double bed up against wall, expected better to be honest. Following morning went to see reception and were moved to a much better room, so on the whole happier. Booked on hotels.com. I thought we paid over the odds for the first room. Bar and restaurant very good. Happy ever after stay.😀👍



September 12th, 2021

Our room was big enough for a large bed and a cot for our baby, and it was clean. We had a beautiful view of the dock next to the hotel. The location is perfect for sightseeing and tourism and the price was reasonable. Any of the staff in the hotel we spoke to were very friendly and helpful. I didn't really enjoy the buffet breakfast, but my partner loved it. We would definitely stay here again.


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