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Situated at the heart of the city, just a hop, skip and jump away from all major transport links: thestudioglasgow has much more than 7 vibrant spaces and panoramic views to offer. You’ll always find the warmest of welcomes at The Studio.

Proclaim can accommodate 96 guests theatre style. Fully air-conditioned, the room is flooded with daylight (with black–out blinds if required) and overlooks the city towards Atlantic Quay.

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Moray NairnOctober 13th, 2018

Stylish and well-fitted meeting and conference venue. In addition to the basic amenities you expect from a resource like this, they have a very engaging human touch. They have bespoke signage throughout their rooms. They have homemade cookies with refreshment breaks, as well as hot drinks on tap throughout your event. They can accommodate events from 10 to 260 in a range of layout options. They sell their own cookbook for award-winning catering. They will advertise your event on their own website. What's not to like?


Fernando SantagataAugust 20th, 2018

I've been there for a conference. Great venue, near the train station, helpful staff. We used the conference rooms at the eighth and ninth floor; due to the elevation the space was well lit and I could appreciate a nice view.


Mark KeatingAugust 20th, 2018

I organised and held a 5 day event at the Studio in Glasgow. 2 days of this we used 3 rooms and for three days we had the entire venue for an international conference with over 250 guests. We even held evening reception and organised challenges at the event location with no fuss and respectable costs. The staff and venue re impeccable. The location is a godsend as it is 100 yards from the main Glasgow rail terminal meaning all the air and rail travel guests found the venue with ease. The rooms are all well appointed, clean and can quickly and easily be reconfigured to whatever your needs. The staff are willing to do that. In fact the staff go out of their way to make everything run smoothly. If there is any issue they are there to help. If you have any requirements they will fill them. If there are any issues they are on hand to help you solve them. They always smile, they are always polite and it feels genuinely warm and welcoming. The food is exceptional for a venue catering to so many people. All the food is prepared fresh and caters to wide dietary needs. Once agin nothing is of too great an issue for the staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this venue to others. I look forward to holding another event there as soon as possible.


Stephen WhitelawNovember 28th, 2018

Great city centre location for a conference, feels a wee bit like Google without the spying!


Susan DunnMarch 10th, 2018

Great central venue. If it is location ,location, location then this is a perfect venue minutes walk from Glasgow central train station. Very clean bright and modern inside. Meeting rooms certainly those on the 8th floor were very good. Refreshments and lunch were pleasant and the waiting staff were great. My only complaint was our conference needed a break out room they clearly had not booked but that wasn’t the venues fault. Would be happy to return here.

Money back guarantee

Cancel within 48 hours: VenueScanner guarantees 100% refund of the deposit on payments made through us.

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