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Meeting Rooms Edinburgh

Looking for an impressive meeting space to inspire attendees in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh's must book meeting rooms

Whether you're looking for a meeting room with modern flair, or somewhere rich in culture, with traditional features, Edinburgh is jam packed with versatile meeting spaces which can fit any of your corporate needs. Discover the very best meeting spaces that the Scottish capital has to offer and give your attendees somewhere to feel inspired by.

Tips to running an effective meeting in Edinburgh

1. Have a clear objective - Before you organize a meeting you need to ensure that you have a clear objective, and you have a defined purpose for it. What are you looking to accomplish out of the meeting? Are you letting the team know about new changes to the company? Are you trying to gather information or new ideas? Make sure that before you schedule in a date and send out an invite, that you've already decided on what you're aiming to get out of the meeting. An unclear objective will be a waste of time and will lead to unproductivity.

2. Ban technology - Unless you're looking to discuss new site features or you something which requires technology, then make sure it's banned. Let's face it, we live in a society where people are practically married to their phones. And, although technology can have many benefits within a corporate world, technology can also be a massive distraction. To make sure everyone has their head in the game, ban technology and get everyone to focus.

3. Stick to your schedule - Sticking to a schedule can be an incredibly hard thing to do, however, it is vital in a meeting that you've set out an agenda, and that you stick to it. The best way to make sure you stick to a schedule is to have an agenda with time slots set against each thing you're going to discuss visibly or on a wall so attendees can see as well. Not only will this help and attendees keep focused, but it'll also help you finish on time, which is almost always a rarity. This will prove highly rewarding for you, especially if you're supposed to be running regular meetings, people won't dread attending meetings if you've got a reputation of sticking to the start and end time.

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