Office Party Edinburgh

Show your colleagues a little appreciation and book the perfect space for the office party.

10 of our favourite office party venues in Edinburgh

Whether you're in a well established large firm and you've been set the task of organising the annual office party, or you're part of a start-up and just want a chilled place to drink with your colleagues. We've got the best, most versatile office party spaces around Edinburgh to suit everybody's needs. So, escape from the office, and discover the very best office party spaces in the Scottish capital.

Why is an office party important?

It doesn't matter whether you're part of a small to medium enterprise, start-up or a large enterprise, it goes undisputed that the office party is a massive deal within an organization. But, why? Surely, an office party is unnecessary, and is just a waste of money that could be going somewhere better, right? Actually, wrong, and we're giving you two key reasons as to why:

1. It shows appreciation and makes staff feel valued: The fact that the bosses are willing to throw an office party, shows that they really do appreciate their staff, and appreciation goes a long way in this world. When people feel valued they'll actually want to work harder, because they know that their work isn't going unnoticed. In the long term, an office party can increase productivity.

2. It brings the team closer together: No matter how big a team, or how small, there can always be a lack of connection between colleagues at work is essentially the main focus. Having a break from the everyday work tasks and by doing something which gets people together in a non-corporate environment allows people to actually talk, yes talk and to get to know each other. You may find that you actually knew nothing about the person who was sitting on the opposite desk to your for four years until you're put in a situation where you're forced to talk. Colleagues tend to form bonds (especially over booze) and this is vital because once this relationship is established people are much more likely to get along back in the office and work as a team. Team bonding is oh so very important.

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