Small Xmas Party In Edinburgh

On a tight budget this year for Christmas? We got you covered!

Find and book the best venue in Edinburgh for a small get together

Wether you're on a tight budget this year or just want a small gathering, the venue should still shock and awe your guests. So why not make sure the venue you choose is the best it can be for Christmas and observe our top ten picks for a small and affordable Xmas party in Edinburgh.

Three tips to Saving Money on Christmas Parties.

Everyone knows that the most expensive time of the year for customer consumption is the month of December; especially with all the presents you have to buy, the parties that have to be planned, the food and alcohol that need to be purchased. Add up all these expenses on a spreadsheet and an accountant would say that you're financially insane! So here are some tips for saving money on Christmas this year.

1.) Consider a shared Christmas Party: If you’re one of those lucky people to be sharing a building with other companies it’s the perfect time to make friends and save you all some cash. Consider throwing a joint Christmas party, not only will this mean that there’ll be extra funds, but it’ll also be a great networking opportunity, and you’ll be able to host the party in an amazing venue for not so extortionate prices.

2.) Hold your Xmas party in-house with in-house cooking: Why not hold your Christmas party at the office, or even at home? Not only will this cut down on the spend, but you can actually make a whole day out of this. Colleagues can work together to prep the beloved turkey, whilst others prepare some Christmas cocktails, and of course, plenty of games will be at the ready. It’ll definitely add that personal element to it, and with everyone working together in a familiar setting it will be sure to bring out that warm ‘Christmassy’ feeling.

3.) Embrace potluck: Buying food for people during the holidays can become seriously expensive. Some would say that people spend about 45% of their budget on food and drinks alone during the holidays, which is why the next time you or someone else wants to save some cash, embrace the idea of potluck assignments. Let everyone know you’re going to make the main dish, but that you’d appreciate help on sides, appetizers, desserts, and drinks. Simply send out an email a few weeks in advance letting everyone know what their assignments to ensure you don’t end up with five vegetable trays and no dessert.

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