Blank Canvas Venues

For when you want the freedom to make a space your own.

Discover London's top blank canvas venues that'll allow you to add more than just a personal touch

Blank canvases are in high demand, and it’s not surprising. They allow you to get creative, imaginative and innovative. From quirky warehouses, to bright and bare photo studios, we’ve curated the top blank canvas venues in London which will allow you to transform an empty shell into your dream venue.

How to transform a blank canvas venue into something sensational

To some it may seem completely unreasonable to hire a blank canvas, surely that means doing more work yourself, right? In some ways, this may be true, but a blank canvas offers opportunities that a venue which comes with catering, décor and an events team just cannot. If you really want to personalise and make your dream event come to life then hiring a blank canvas is exactly what you’re after. After all, you’ll have complete reign over what the space looks like, and you may unleash the inner interior designer side of yourself, which you’d never seen before. However, with such free reign to do what you want, it can often be quite a challenge when you’re out of creative juice to think of how you can transform what is essentially an empty shell into something spectacular. So, here’s a few ideas that may inspire you to create something great.

1. Lighting – I always believe that people underestimate the power of lighting. With the millennials and the rising age of the ‘selfie’, everyone’s starting to truly grasp how important lighting is when trying to bring out your utmost attractive. So, if lighting can truly impact the quality of your images and selfies, think about how much lighting can affect a setting. Depending on the type of event, depends on the type of lighting you’ll want. However, key things to remember is that if the lighting is too bright, the atmosphere can seem almost quite clinical. Decorative lights always help to create atmosphere, so consider what type of mood you’re trying to give off and then think about the lighting you’re after.

2. Decoration – Flowers are always a beautiful addition to a table, but think about little trinkets which will add a personal touch to the space. When you have a blank canvas space the way you decorate a space defines everything. But, don’t just stop at the basics, once you know what you’re going to use to decorate a space, you want to consider how you position them. For example, you’re a pop-up shop with a trendy clothing line in an empty store, how can you entice or intrigue people enough to look in the shop window and want to come in? Simply, displaying clothes may not always be enough. It’s always the weird and wonderful decorations and positioning which will help your event stand out.

3. Theme – Having a theme will always help you with creating an event and space like no other. A masquerade? A winter wonderland? If you’re stuck on ideas start brainstorming and mapping out different themes linked with decorations, lighting, seating arrangements, etc. Remember themes don’t have to be grand and over the top, it’s the little things that count.

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