Best Brainstorming Hire London

Looking for new inspiration? Get creative at one of these exciting brainstorming venues.

Brainstorming venues that allow you to think outside the box

Now more than ever companies are appreciating the benefits of brainstorming. It allows you to be innovative, acknowledging different view points and overall builds a stronger team. So get yourself and the team out of the offices and allows the creative juices to flow in one of these fresh brainstorming venue spaces.

What helps with effective brainstorming?

We had a good think about what makes these brainstorming sessions extra successful and this is what we came up with...

1. Venue space - you may be thinking 'of course they would say that' but hear us out. We've all been at that point when we are sat at our desk, or in the meeting room next to our desk, and you start to zone out, or your brain just freezes. The way we deal with this - we go outside for a walk, we move the meeting elsewhere (usually to the coffee break room!), and this clears and restarts the mind. Simply, a new setting or venue can promote thinking in new ways.

2. Room set-up - Brainstorming sessions work best when everyone throws in their two cents. Often 80% of suggestions are ridiculous, laughable, get thrown in the bin... but it's from these suggestions the best ideas spark! In order to give everyone the confidence to speak up, we suggest round tables or setting your chairs in a circle in the venue space. This removes hierarchy and hopefully encourages equal discussion.

3. Get physical! -

4. Chocolate - be it in bar or biscuit form!

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