London's Most Creative Spaces

Explore this selection of creative spaces in London.

Get creative

Step away from the office and out of your comfort zone. Discover and book a space that inspires creative and innovative thinking... a step change... a paradigm shift. Create something extraordinary together!

For maximum creativity levels...

Once you've found your perfect space, think about these things... they're proven to impact on creativity:

The right mood lighting: While we all love bright and airy spaces, a German study actually showed that you should try turning the lights down when you’re trying to get creative. According to findings published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, darkened lighting supposedly ‘elicits a feeling of freedom, self-determination, and reduced inhibition'. But don’t skimp on natural lighting! Research shows that low exposure to natural light is a mood killer.

Bring your ambient noise machine: Perhaps you’ve already invested in one of these noise machines, like Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine to help you sleep at night, but did you know these things can double as creativity boosters? Studies show that just the right balance of ambient noise (70 decibels of it, to be exact) optimizes performance. A paper published late last year in the Journal of Consumer Research, argues that the ideal work environment for creative projects should contain a little bit of background noise.

Fill your space with inspiration: Psych Central suggests placing things in your space that create curiosity and surprise, and nothing does that more than an inspiration board. Ask each of your guests to prepare one ahead of the session and bring it with them. It works as a fabulous ice breaker too.

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