Undiscovered Venues In London

Discover the unexpected. We bring you venues you'd never imagined existed.

Get away from 'clean & corporate', 'shabby & chic' or 'on trend' venues

We'll go further. We're finding hidden gems... venues that didn't even know they were venues. And giving them the confidence to pitch for your latest event.

On a mission to unlock the undiscovered venues

One of our passions and raison d'etre is to shake up what has traditionally been a fairly restricted market when it comes to venue choices in a local area. It's not going to happen overnight. But we believe that there are tens of thousands of venues out there that never considered themselves a venue. And we are on a mission to make them available to you. We won't stop until we find them all!

There are thousands of them out there... schools, universities, clubs, museums, cinemas, village halls, community centers, upstairs of pubs, church halls, restaurant cellars, warehouses, empty office spaces and more... We consider each and every one to be a very worthy venue. And in many instances more emotionally in touch with the needs of the event organizer or their guests than, say, a hotel, conference center or corporate events venue. What's more, they tend to be a bit easier on the wallet too.

Keen to become the office hero? Want to impress your friends? Looking for somewhere to surprise and delight your guests? Well, look no further! This is your definitive guide to undiscovered venues in London.

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