Unusual Christmas Party London

Looking for inspiration to host a London Christmas party unlike any other?

It's time to step away from ordinary and move toward the unusual this year.

If you’re starting to get tired of the same old Christmas party year in year out then this year you should do something about it! If you’ve taken on the all-important task of organising the work Christmas party, it’s time to take a deep breath and think outside the box. Push your limits with an unusual Christmas party venue in London. This way, you’ll be able to make this year’s unusual Christmas party one to remember for many Christmases to come. Just try not to raise the bar too high!

Unusual Christmas party themes to compliment your venue

Year on year most companies bring out the classics. Ugly Christmas jumpers, Winter Wonderland, Santa’s grotto... These are all great - and in some respects timeless - but if you’re looking to change it up this year here are a few ideas to help broaden your horizons!

1. Alpine Adventure

This focuses heavily on a ski theme, but even if you’ve never been skiing in your life there’s a lot to work with here. From decorations, to clothing, to food and drink, the right VenueScanner venue can provide a blank canvas or compliment the theme. Think fir trees, faux fur, cheese-based foods, fake snow, and vats of gluhwein. And, if you need inspiration for music, take your cues from some of the apres-ski ‘big hitters’ such as La Folie Douce, Krazy Kangaruh, or Moosserwirt.

2. Christmas movies

We don’t know about you, but we can safely admit that we have a Christmas routine when it comes to films. It’s a yearly tradition to scroll through the TV schedule and plan when we’ll be settling down to watch the Home Alone. And of course, the festive season wouldn’t be complete without Love Actually and The Holiday. We know we’re not alone in this! So, if you’re thinking of an unusual Christmas party theme, why not pick a character from your favourite movie to dress up as. The options are endless, ranging from The Grinch to The Snowman to the octopus in Love Actually. You can even set up a projector and play your favourite Xmas flicks in the background.

3. Christmas Masquerade

Some of you may think this is more generic than the two previous themes but it is a great excuse to turn your Christmas party into a formal affair. It’s always nice to have an excuse to dress up in black tie. Dig out that dream dress that you spent a month’s salary on but never get to wear. Step into your scarcely-worn penguin suit. Then couple your glamorous attire with an exquisite and elaborate mask. The sequins, glitter, and feathers will really allow you to throw the most impressive Christmas party yet.

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