Office Party London

Impress your colleagues and book the ideal space for an office party.

Our favourite office party London venues

Whether you’re a start-up looking for a cheap and cheerful bar for “drinks night”, or you’re looking for that ultimate luxury venue for the annual office party event… we have the perfect space for you. Check out our recommendations and search for yourself among thousands of office party London venues.

What makes an office party memorable? Top 5.

1 - The music

It's all about the build up. Start with an upbeat yet relaxed vibe and increase the tempo as you go into the night. Live music brings a crowd to life so if your budget supports it, we highly recommend getting a musician on board. This has never been so easy as with Encore, the latest new website for hiring musicians... enquire here to find that perfect DJ, band or musician today.

2 - The food

Food for your guests is dual purposed... the first aim is to prevent your guests getting too tipsy... the second is to ensure they go away happy and satisfied and don't need to pick up a McDonalds on the way home! Some key rules - ensure that the finger food really is small enough to manage in one bite! Mini burgers, mini pizzas, mini sausages are great for the party on a budget... tomato and mozzarella pizza is my personal favourite! Sit down meals are always great... as long as you've thought through the seating plan... Got a seemingly quiet team member? Sit them next to someone who will bring them out of their shell :)

3 - The drinks

Cocktails are a must for any party. Champagne is so last year! We love prosecco (and cava, yes it's back in vogue), cocktails and unbelievably good wine at even less believable prices. If you're buying in bulk, make sure you stock up from Majestic. They have the best wine deals in town... and if you use the code VS16 you'll get £20 off your online order (Ts & Cs apply)! If you're looking for something more unique and characterful, Naked Wines is the perfect fit. They support small wine producers and get the best quality wine at the lowest prices.

4 - The attire

Fancy dress and themed parties are trending right now. Everyone loves to have something to talk about that is not work... and fancy dress is a great way to get that started. It helps build anticipation ahead of the event and breaks the ice on the night. Giving colleagues something to discuss in advance of the office party... your marketing done for you! Hand out prizes for the best dressed ;)

5 - The location

Who cares? If it's a great party it's all about the music, the food, the drinks, the fancy dress... errr... and the venue, but not the location.... location location location does not apply here! If you are having a big party - call Uber - they do great corporate deals and discounts to get people home from the office party venue!

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