Workshop Space London

Why book workshop space in London? Get out of the office and engage your team.

Workshop space in London

Explore the best workshop space in London with our easy venue search platform. Definine new strategy, engage your team on sales targets, explore opportunities for efficiency, and brainstorm new business ideas. Discover the best creative workshop venues in London here.

What makes an effective workshop space?

What is a workshop? A workshop is a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

So, what about the venue?

Select a workshop venue with plenty of wall space. Bring post-it notes and use the walls to log people's suggestions, categorise them, and prioritise them. The beauty of a quality post-it is that it sticks for a long time and can be moved around. So, make sure you don't buy the cheap ones. Alternatively, some meeting and workshop rooms even feature glass or whiteboard walls that you can write on.

Consider the format of your workshop before finalising the venue. Most importantly, have a way of recording what you put on the wall - your smartphone's camera should do the trick.

Aim for flexibility. It's best to select a venue where you'll be able to rearrange the furniture as many times as you need. Stand up, sit down, break out into smaller groups, and then come back together as one team. Think about the format of your session before finalising the workshop room you hire. Fixed tables or cables aren't ideal, stackable chairs and moveable flip charts are. A good workshop runs with the right amount of flexibility in the agenda. It's vital to be outcome-led but don't worry if you go a little off piste to get there.

Phone reception. The best brainstorming workshops require dedicated concentration and collaboration, and this can't be done with the distraction of your smartphone. The key to any workshop session is to break little and often, we'd suggest 10 minutes in every 90, at least. To aid concentration we'd recommend that you ask all smartphone users to turn off data and wifi, so that the only thing that could distract them is an emergency phone call.

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