Staff Xmas Party In Manchester

Looking to step it up a gear at this year's? Look though these exciting office Christmas party venues in Manchester!

Some cracker-tastic Christmas party venues in Manchester to add to your Christmas list this year

Iron out the santa suit, dust off the ball balls and start putting together the Christmas playlist. It’s time to lock down that ultimate Christmas party venue in Manchester and start building momentum towards the event of the year, the annual office Christms party. If the task has landed on your shoulders there is no need to panic. Take inspiration from a number of these exciting and unique venues.

How to not embarrass yourself at the office Christmas Party:

The office Christmas party is the best way, as a company, to close off the year. You've worked hard, given it your all, and you deserve a party! Some time to kick back, relax with your colleagues. Just make sure you don't kick back too much... here are a few tips to avoid the Christmas shame.

1. Don’t be excessive - I always think office Christmas parties are similar to weddings. Firstly, they are a marathon, not a sprint, especially if a three-course wine-fuelled meal is involved. Now, there are two options here. Firstly, alternate. Wash that Christmassy cocktail down with a glass of water before going for the refill. Secondly, introduce a timeout. The beginning of the party is always the danger zone. The champagne is flowing, you seem to always have a full glass (!?), and suddenly without knowing it, you're a bottle deep. If this has happened take a timeout. At the end of the day, excess leads to over-excitement, oversharing and this can often lead to you waking up the next morning wanting to bury your head under your pillow and working out the best possible excuse to prevent you from having to go into work that day.

2. Beware of the cocktails – Ah those Christmas cocktails. They taste so good, sweet, positively non-alcoholic. Ho Ho Ho how wrong you are. Take care and beware. Simple!

3. Mingle - The Christmas party is the time to party with your friends right? Wrong. Take advantage of having the opportunity to mingle with some of those colleagues you don't know so well in a social situation away from the office. These rare occasions really allow you to develop a relationship with members of the company who you don't see day to day. Who knows, you may get on like a house on fire and could be hugely advantageous both professionally and personally. And remember, you don't always have to talk about work! Talk hobbies, holidays, whatever comes to mind (within reason!)

4. Don’t overshare – This really should be a part (b) to the above. Whilst I commend those of you who step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with someone of senior rank, make sure you engage brain before you engage mouth. Yes, steer away from talking about work, but that doesn’t mean in a moment of blind panic you should share your deepest darkest secrets or become the office gossip. It will not help your cause!

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