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Looking to bag a quality meeting room in Reading? We've curated the 10 greatest spaces.

Discover the best meeting rooms Reading has to offer.

Be it a casual get together, or a fierce sales pitch, we'll help you discover the perfect Reading meeting room. Whether you're looking for somewhere big, small, traditional, or quirky, with VenueScanner you can book the perfect meeting space in a matter of moments.

What makes a great meeting room?

1. Location: I know everybody says it, but it's true, location is if not the most important, one of the most important factors when it comes to a meeting room, or any venue at that. If you're looking for an alternative space to do a team meeting you'll want to make sure the meeting room you hire isn't too far from your office. Whatever the purpose of the meeting you'll want to make sure that there are good transportation links to a meeting room. Birmingham city center may be great, but consider where your clients are coming from. The easier the location is to get to, the more likely people will show up on time.

2. Size: Never ever compromise on size. The size of the meeting room will affect your overall meeting experience. If a venue says it can fit 8 people, don't assume that you'll be able to fit two extra chairs and make it a meeting room for 10. There needs to be enough space for people to be able to comfortably fit in the room and to be able to see a screen if necessary.

3. Decor: Nowadays more people are moving away from the traditional corporate meeting feel, and looking for somewhere with a bit more character. If you're looking to do a brainstorm you may want somewhere a bit more quirky and creative. Colour scheme greatly affects people's mood, so make sure that the color scheme reflects the impression you're trying to give off.

4. Facilities: Don't ever assume that a meeting room will be equipped with everything that you need. Most meeting rooms come with basic AV, but not all. Do you need a microphone, a whiteboard, a screen? Whatever you need make sure you cross check with the venue host beforehand, to save any major disaster once you've arrived.

5. Refreshments: Whether the meeting is half an hour long or 3 hours long, it's always important to have refreshments. Water, juice, tea, coffee, and biscuits are always a great start, but again you'll want to see whether refreshments come with the meeting room. Not all spaces offer catering, and even if they do, this may come at an extra charge.

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