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Choose to send the organiser a payment link through the VenueScanner platform. You’ll receive the payment straight away, minus our 10% commission fee.

Alternatively, you can invoice the customer, let us know the final amount, and we’ll invoice you for 10% after the event.

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We’re proud to list thousands of under-utilised, undiscovered venues such as schools, museums, pubs, galleries, and warehouses. The diversity of our venues is why event organisers come back to VenueScanner at an average of five times per year.

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Who books with VenueScanner?

Corporate clients

We established a relationshiip with big and small corporate clients searching for conference venues, corporate event venues, meeting rooms and corporate party venues.

A few of the brands who trust us:

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Wondering what makes us truly unique compared to other platforms?

Data Insights

Find out all the stats you want to know around your venue’s digital performance and how it compares to your competitors.

Digital Marketing Leaders

We have a team of digital marketing experts who are pushing your venue beyond VenueScanner to millions of targeted customers across our social and digital channels. Only 5% of our users enquire through the platform, many other users will contact you directly, having discovered your venue on VenueScanner.

Corporate Accounts Team

We have a team of experienced (and super friendly) corporate account managers who are pitching your venue to businesses all across the UK. They help hundreds of businesses each week, with big event enquiries such as conferences, christmas parties, corporate retreats, and festivals featuring prominently.

Online Payment

Organisers can pay online and you’ll receive money straight to your bank account. No invoicing, no waiting, no credit card fees.

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Support on every booking

Our corporate customer success team is on hand to jump on every booking that needs a little helping hand.

Dedicated Host Account Manager

Our host accounts team is always available. We can optimise your profile so it ranks highly on Google, share performance analytics compared with your peers, and show you how to maximise your enquiries. We’ll help you to convert your enquiries to bookings and offer training on new features.

Ratings and Reviews

Organisers and venue hosts can upload reviews. Showcase your best reviews on our platform so everyone knows how great your venue is.

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