10x ROI Guarantee

We guarantee 10x your subscription, back in enquiry value, within the year. If you don't see the return within 12 months, we'll extend your listing for free until you've got your 10x return.

Frequently asked questions

We get 10k+ enquiries per month depending on time of year. This is growing daily..

Our highest volume areas are London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool. We get traffic across the UK so if you are outside these cities get in touch and we can let you know the volume you can expect in your area.

65% of our customers are business customers, 35% are freelance and social customers. The biggest business event types are Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Team offsites, meetings, workshops and private dining. For social the most enquired events are studio hire, parties, weddings

We believe in flexibility. There are no long term commitments. You can sign onto a monthly plan and cancel anytime.

The enquiries will come direct to you via email and into your inbox. As a venue you respond and communicate directly with the organiser via the inbox or directly via email and all communications will be saved in the inbox. Our highest converting venues respond in 4 hours. We recommend maximum of 12 hours.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to close bookings. There is a call button in the inbox for Organisers and venues and you can access customers details as long as you are on a plan.

It ranges by venue and event type. Our venues that respond within recommended times convert at 20-40%

No additional fees. Venues have access to our concierge team that runs corporate relationships with clients who would like a service approach. This is a 10% commission if venues want to opt in to this service. This makes up <1% of our customer base.

We offer most marketing services SEO, photography, social media, newsletter email feature to >20k Organisers, contact Rebecca@venuescanner.com.

Contact our venue marketing expert tilly@venuescanner.com if you’d like help choosing the best plan for you.