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Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4SP

In a city that's always changing Tiger Tiger is the steady go-to in London nightlife. Based in Haymarket since 1998, we're one of the most experienced late night venues excelling in food, drink & party! Playing host to over 1500 guests spread over six unique rooms, including a retro disco room and stylish club, we really have everything you need all under one roof! Welcome to the most famous club in London.

One of the very few restaurants in the West End that can seat large parties together, our Haymarket Kitchen suits whatever occasion you're celebrating. The menu is packed full of delicious grills such as steaks, burgers and ribs and also caters for veggies with yummy pastas, salads and fajitas. A great bonus to dining in our restaurant is that you automatically get free entry into our nightclub and bar areas.

If you're organising a large corporate dinner for +150 guests then why not book the whole space! We can seat up to 300 guests at one time, perfect for your end of year blow out! To top off the celebrations you could even hire one of our bar spaces for the after-party, eliminating the hassle of moving everyone from one venue to another - we've got you covered!

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Natalia DelerySeptember 14th, 2019

Decent drinks, nice vibe. We’re visiting from America and it was a fun experience. Only downside was the price of drinks


Ariana BlakeSeptember 14th, 2019

The place was packed with young tourists having a good time on Wednesday eve. The music was good, the drinks acceptable, and the energy was lively. They do a....special countdown for midnight that was great fun. Lost a star because of the cover, drink cost, and the ceiling over the dance floor was leaking. So overall a bit of a hot mess and more costly than preferred but it was a good time.


Aiesha Morrison-SSeptember 14th, 2019

I was denied entry into the club after showing multiple IDs that clearly displayed my name and birth date that matched my driver’s licence. I also showed my international student IDs with my birth date and two debit cards with my full name which agreed with all the other identification I put on display that night. But the European door security person still did not believe my age. Then the European and Afro-Caribbean door security men proceeded to question the group I came with on my whereabouts as if I were some criminal or something. All of them we not aware of my age, but they all vouched that we were from the same study aboard organization and all come from the same U.S. University. After they finish interrogating my group they asked me for my passport which would have been the sixth ID shown that night. However, I was unable to furnish it because I only had a copy of it. I did not want to risk losing the original on a night out. The European door security told the Afro-Caribbean security men to not let me in because he just did not feel right about the fact I did not look my age. And proceeded to say that my body language was all wrong. Yes, I do look considerably young, but I think after showing your whole life story willingly something should click. Do not get me wrong, I do understand the role of door security and that they have to adhere to compliance laws that forbid drinking establishments from serving drinks to underage individuals and ultimately protect the patrons within their establishment. In conclusion, I feel like after showing several IDs that display the same information should have gotten me in.


ami ryaitSeptember 14th, 2019

I just love this place... amazing choice of music played....price of drinks suits my pocket...


MauroSeptember 14th, 2019

This place is just awful. The manager is just an incompetent person. The place is awful. The music is awful. Please if you want to have fun just go somewhere else. Avoid this place if you want to have fun. Terrible place overall !!

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