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About The Main Room

3-5, Mill Street, London, W1S 2AU

Whether you’re seeking the perfect space for a meeting, dinner party, product launch, fashion show, music event or private celebration, our dedicated events team can provide everything you need to plan a memorable occasion.
The various levels and rooms within the club allow for exclusive hire of the entire venue from large scale events through to semi-private dinners or cocktail style functions.

Walking down the main staircase you are drawn into the heart and soul of the Club with its futuristic design and welcomed by the mosaic gold bar at the bottom of the stairs.
A high performance sound and lighting installation ensures the perfect environment for the ultimate partying or celebration.
The room directly connects to the courtyard, Green Room and restaurant.
For over a decade the Main Room has played host to London's most discerning clientele. The Room is adaptable for filming purposes, presentations, catwalks and much more!

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Ramona MaierOctober 14th, 2018

Unreal what's happening at that club- the worst experience ever.. The racist "lady" outside the club which is using the "health and safety" title, probably without knowledge of how many studies you need to have to be entitle for that.. when she is actually looking after the table reservation, was so rude. Didn't accept us to get in because she felt offended when my friend answered to her question a bit louder as there was so much noise outside and you couldn't understand each other. We booked a table for my friend Bday, prior arriving at the club, paied for taxi, waste time waiting at the entrance and treated so bad by the stuff. All this for what? Cause she didn't have an explanation why she didn't let us get in. Obviously I will never return to this club and in the end I am glad we didn't spend money in such a bad location but so prestigious.. guys, choose your stuff after your expectestios because they are not prepared for what s waiting for them out there.


Jonathan OwelJanuary 21st, 2019

Not a great place, staff are a bit too overloaded with work and their attention to customer is very low.


Andreea MonicaOctober 17th, 2018

Maddox club used to be my favourite club in London. I used to go every single week, sometimes all 3 days because it was fun, however, as time went by I started to notice how this business works and realised that they overcharge for sub par quality (drinks, food etc) and overbook (it is constantly too crowded and sometimes it felt like an actual mob). Also, I am sure most people know this, but the staff is notorious for being rude and turning people away. I personally was close to a few of the promoters and I am also a white girl, which usually allowed me to get in (most times without paying) but not without having to deal with the rudeness of the staff. I did also notice other people in the line getting turned away for no apparent reason. Maddox and Mayfair clubs in general also do prioritise entry for attractive women and women in general over men and most times women could get in for free but men had to pay a fee of 10-20 pounds. Music tends to be commercial and repetitive but that can be fun at times. The crowd is usually made up of rich snobs who think they're better than you but that isn't necessarily the club's fault, these people tend to be a prerequisite for fancy clubs as such. they really do fit the "rich kids of london" persona and if that puts you off by just reading it then you're probably better off going to shoreditch or camden for the nightlife. Overall, I would recommend Maddox if you really want to get an insight of what this "exclusivist" lifestyle is like, I know it seemed like Disneyland to me at first to meet such wealthy, glamorous people but you could go anywhere in central london to do that. I personally wouldn't be interested in going there anymore just because it really isnt what it seems to be on the outside.


Kamal AliFebruary 6th, 2019

One of the worse clubs in London but if you looking for some easy Eastern European chicks who will bang after your night this is the go to club


SarahFebruary 16th, 2019

Rude lady near the door. Very trashy.

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