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Have you ever struggled to motivate staff to attend a training day? We’re going to assume that’s a yes. Plenty of us have seen a training day added to our diaries and thought of mundane tasks and tired presentations in our beige meeting rooms. There might even be name-tags and games to “break the ice” involved. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are a whole raft of inspiring and affordable training rooms for hire in London, and we’ve made it our business to put them on your radar. Across the next few pages you’ll find training venues that are creative and inviting and just a little bit different.


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Introducing London Training Venues

Choosing the right training venue in London for your corporate needs is super important. There are so many reasons to host a training session, but before you can even think about those, you need to have a great corporate training room. And London is the perfect place to find one for a number of reasons. London is super well connected with the rest of the UK and with Europe. It’s a business hub and has so many incredible companies based there. The capital city is home to many corporate training venues, no matter what type of training you need it for.

Why Choose London for Your Training Venue?

Not only is London a global business hub, but it’s also a cultural centre. There is so much going on in this city each day and the hustle and bustle really adds to the vibes of the city. London is also incredibly well connected via its transportation links. There are a number of major train stations that reach all corners of the UK. Plus, you can even get the Eurostar from King’s Cross St. Pancras. And the underground system is absolutely fantastic, connecting all of London with ease. All of these things make it an excellent place to host a training session.

Types of Training Venues Available in London

You’re looking for London training venues, but how do you know which type of venue to choose? There are so many different kinds to pick from ranging from conference centres to hotels to quirky co-working spaces to unique venues and pubs and restaurants. While that may seem overwhelming, it just means that there is a corporate training room for you and your company. No matter what sort of vibe you may be looking for, odds are, we have something in our arsenal for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided on what sort of aesthetic you’re going for it’s time to browse London training venues based on capacity. Determining the capacity before you start your search will help you narrow things down. You’ll also want to have a rough idea of what the layout of the venue needs to look like. You can go classic and have a boardroom style or you can set up your chairs in a theatre style. If you want people to break into groups, classroom style is always a good option too.

Key Features to Look for in a London Training Venue

If you’re wondering what key features to look for in a London training venue, you've come to the right place. When it comes to planning a successful training session you need to make sure the venue you choose is equipped for your needs. You’ll most likely need a screen and projector so make sure to ask your venue host ahead of time what the audio-visual equipment is like. You’ll want wifi that can work for all of your attendees and you’ll probably want the seating to be set up a certain way. Again, discuss all of this with the host ahead of time to ensure they have everything you need before you even book the corporate training venue. It’s best to also discuss catering options ahead of time so you know what to expect well in advance. If you know you need the venue to be accessible, this is something you should look into before you book your venue too.

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Corporate Training Needs

At the last count, searching for “training rooms in London” returned over 1000 venues on our platform at easily accessible locations across our city. We understand that an accountancy firm based in City of London and a tech start-up in the Hackney area will want different things from their meeting rooms, which is why we’ve assembled such a diverse selection of venues. Simply add in a few details and apply some filters to hone in on your perfect space.

It’s also really easy to use our platform. Our listing pages will give you all the information you could possibly need: we’re talking capacity and layout, pricing, amenities, pictures and a venue description, and you can send an enquiry directly from our platform (for free) in just a few moments.

If you’re searching for the best training room hire London to offer and usually plan a few events like this a year, you could also use our concierge service. Once again, this is totally free to event organisers, and our expert team can find you attractive and practical venues in a very short time-frame. More on this later.

Top Training Venues in London

We get it: the most cost-effective way to run a training day is to do so from your own office meeting room, right?

That’s true, but booking one of the best training rooms London has to offer is well-suited to companies with more than one office in the city. If your business wants to bring a number of colleagues from different sites together for some training, it could be impractical to host this event at one of your own office spaces. Taking staff into an external venue built especially for events like this could prove a smart decision. You may also want a change of scenery for your team. Heading to a new venue can increase productivity, so switching things up can be really beneficial every now and then.

It’s also worth looking for training rooms in London because there are so many great ones! From neatly presented blank canvases to intimate alcoves with lots of history and state-of-the-art sound systems, the city has plenty of creative spaces for businesses to make themselves at home. Best of all, you can find them all here on VenueScanner.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Market Halls is close to Oxford Circus and has a great training room space in an incredible food hall. This kind of venue is perfect if you want to combine your training with a meal.

If you’re looking for a more traditional training room venue in London, Inner Temple is a good choice. They have several spaces available for hire including boardrooms and historical chambers.

Finally, if you’d prefer a more quirky vibe, why not hire a training room in a coworking space? Citibase London Holborn has a great selection of meeting rooms and training spaces available for hire.

Booking and Planning your Training Venue in London

Are you a PA who books multiple training day venues for your business every year? Our free concierge service might be of interest.

Essentially, we take your spec and make it a reality, leaving you more time to get on with other tasks. We know that event-planning is an important but time-consuming job that often gets lumbered with the office manager, and so we built this service to make your life a little easier.

Instead of speculatively searching for “training room hire London”, contact our concierge team here with just a few details - budget, date, number of attendees - and we’ll source a cracking spot for you. We insist on getting you the best available rates, we do everything transparently and we’re particularly proud of our speed of service: so it’s great for short-notice events.

Give yourself plenty of time if you possibly can. Sure, planning for and executing a training day might not be the most appealing prospect, but the benefits of properly upskilling your colleagues are obvious in the long run.

It could be helpful to run through your plans / presentation with other colleagues beforehand, giving you the opportunity to tweak the training day schedule using their feedback. As for the training day itself, a mixture of brainstorming, interactive learning and active problem-solving tasks might be preferable to overloading attendees with information via a powerpoint slideshow. Encouraging your staff to work with colleagues outside of their department could inspire team building. Don’t forget that it’s also wise to schedule in a number of short breaks to keep everyone focused.

Finally, be sure to allow plenty of time at the end for your staff to ask any questions.

London Training Venues FAQs

How expensive is it to book a London training room?

The prices can really vary depending on a number of factors. Location will be a big one, the more central you are, the more expensive your venue will be. However, you’ll also need to consider capacity. If you’re looking to book a corporate training venue for a small group of people it won’t be nearly as expensive as if it’s for a group of people of around 20-50 people.

Am I able to cancel my London training venue if I need to?

Each venue will have different cancellation policies so make sure to discuss these ahead of time to avoid any surprise costs.

Do most corporate training venues have AV equipment available?

It’s best not to assume anything with venue hire! If you know that you’ll need audio-visual equipment for your training session ask the venue host what they offer. You may only need a screen you can connect to while other companies may need microphones and projectors. Each venue is different as is each training session, so checking before you book is the best course of action.

Will there be someone from the venue available to help me on the day of my event?

Again, each training venue will be different. Some do offer onsite tech support, however this isn’t always the case. Discuss this with the venue manager before your event. If you know you’ll need help getting something to work, try booking in a site visit ahead of time so you can run through any questions you may have before the day of your training session.

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