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25 Canada Square, London, E14 5LB

Awesome panoramic views for 30 miles over London's Docklands area are enjoyed from this light-filled business centre. Located in the 25 Canada Square building, which is one of Europe's tallest skyscrapers, the business centre is ideal for banking and finance businesses.

Room has 63 sqm and benefits from natural daylight.

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09:00 - 17:30

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tom tomDecember 5th, 2019

Regus have good locations that is the only positive (however, now there are many other services office providers/virtual office etc all in equally good locations). I have had both virtual and physical offices (did physical and then thought cutting costs and thought surely they could not mess up on virtual but boy was I wrong!) and both were a disaster that would never use again! 1. Automatic Renewing contracts with 3 month minimum notice if want to leave before contract expires - this is by far the worst. Today there is no reason to have to lock people in these contracts but for Regus it is a cash cow. So for instance if you had a 12 or 6 etc month contract and forget to give the 'at least 3 months notice' then they just lock you into another one and there is no way of getting out - UK government consumer rights legal departments should look into this! Most other service office/virtual office providers need your permission or just go into rolling monthly contracts. In fact, if you are looking for a virtual office there are many with far better terms that are no contract and monthly renewing only or short contract that just roll monthly after the contract. 2. Customer service - shocking! Before signing up they treat you like a king as the sales rep (on a commission) will be beaming with a smile, contacting you with any question you have and chasing you up to see you sign up. Once you have signed up it is a slow process to get questions answered by either Regus Canary Wharf or Regus head office via email. You will chase and chase wasting so much time. 3. Billing! This is a real nightmare. For physical office they will frequently do billing errors with added IT costs or duplicate billing to the monthly invoice. So then if you pay the correct amount and ask for a new invoice will take months to come back and then bill does not get updated so they add late fees (due to you not paying the billing error extra items and since not updated - they seem to outsource some of their accounts to maybe Philippines or some other place ). Turns into a real mess quickly as next future invoices are impacted in the errors that just compound. 4. Costs. If you look around you can also find a far better deal by another provider - sometimes in the same building or another very good building close buy for up to 50% o more cheaper. Summary - Regus dangle a golden carrot that can sometimes look good, but is not. Search else where and compare other places, far better options and NEVER would recommend.


Luke MileyDecember 5th, 2019

Regus give terrible service, and as for their customer service. Appalling! Find another provider.


Darren JordanDecember 5th, 2019

Great location and nice staff but very dilapidated and shabby kitchen and common area. Embarrassingly so. And almost every day there is no hot water in the morning. I've been here almost a year a nothing has changed. Showers havent worked 7 weeks now and counting. Amusing signs on the walls everywhere saying "you asked, we listened"! They have a sense of humour at least.


Robert GarnerDecember 5th, 2019

I've taken a desk in a shared office space with these guys in this building and I'd warn against it! There's buckets under the urinals (for the past week), there is very, very poor mobile phone signal, the hardwire internet ports don't work (or I can't find one that does work), I asked to buy a landline, three days later - nothing, the access system to my room doesn;t work so I can;t get to my desk the majority of the time! It's an absolute joke! Surprised these guys are still in business - the worst office I have ever purchased!


James WhiteDecember 5th, 2019

Woefully disappointing from upper management, excessive cost cutting seems to be driving this service into the ground. I can easily see Regus being consumed by up and coming professional firms as half the rooms are empty, there is shocking communication and the facilities are too embarrassing to bring a client. I am surprised Citi bank aren't concerned that the buildings reputation doesn't also take a hit as collateral. I must say the reception staff have always been lovely and we have spent a year trying to be constructive but no one available has any power to improve things, the customer feedback system is laughable circular. Cleaners don't even turn up so the receptionist service you pay for is actually a glorified dishwasher! However a positive note for 2018 . . . the contract ends :)

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