Office Christmas Party Bristol

Looking to throw Bristol's best office Christmas party of 2017? We've got you covered!

It's time to win the ultimate Christmas party planner award of the century

Whether it be a chilled Xmas lunch meal for you and your team or an ultimate office Christmas bash for the whole company, we've got the Bristol's most versatile office Christmas party venues which will knock your guests' stockings off this Christmas!

Tips for planning the Office Christmas Party on a budget

1. Consider a Christmas lunch: The Christmas party doesn't have to be an evening extravaganza, and actually you'll often find that people can often be scrooges when it comes to attending a night of festivity especially when they could be at home. Save time and save your colleagues the pain of having to socialise during after work hours and opt for a Christmas lunch instead. Everyone loves food and turkey (if you're not vegan), so you can't go wrong with finding a nice restaurant to host an intimate dinner.

2. Negotiate: Don't be afraid to bargain a little. If you know you have a tight budget, but you've found the right catering options, venue and whatever costs you a little more than a penny, then don't break the bank. Instead, let your budget be known, and see whether you can get the price down. Obviously, be realistic, you can't go with a £20k venue and expect them to knock the price down to £5k. But, do state what you're working with beforehand. Remember, just like Tesco says 'every little helps'.

3. Big band vs local DJ: Of course entertainment is key to a successful office Christmas party, but be wise. Hiring a big band may seem like a great idea, but it can often put you out of pocket, and from personal experience some musicians, dare I say it, are a little corny. Instead, try out a local Bristol DJ, they're often far less expensive and usually come down with their own kit as well. Help out the locals, save some pennies, and lessen the cheesiness this Christmas, sounds like a plan, right?

4. Party with other companies: Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular, so if you're one of those lucky people to be sharing a building with other companies it's the perfect time to make friends and save you all some cash. Consider throwing a joint Christmas party, not only will this mean that there'll be extra funds, but it'll also be a great networking opportunity. It's time to get friendly with the neighbours!

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