Dinner and Dance Venues London

Discover London's dinner and dance venues, which without a doubt will dazzle your guests!

London's grandeur dinner and dance venues

Dinner and dance parties can be grandeur, cinematic, and let’s face it… quite grandiose events. The sole aim being to impress your guests, tantalise their tastebuds and to get them up on the dancefloor. Luckily, London is home to some truly remarkable venues which will ensure your dinner and dance party is truly unforgettable!

Tips, tricks and themes for your next dinner and dance party

Plan Early - Organising a dinner and dance party can take an extensive amount of work. The earlier you plan out your event, the better! Remember, amazing venues will always be in high demand and can get booked out incredibly quickly. You want to inquire with several venues as soon as possible, especially if your dinner and dance party is going to take place during a popular time of the year. It’s never too early to start prepping!

Invitations - Thankfully, the revolution of the internet and social media has simplified the process of sending out invitations to your guests. Say goodbye to having to write out 100s of invitations with a pen, and say hello to sending invitations with a click of a button. However, what’s important is that you communicate key details such as, when the event is taking place, a date for them to RSVP by and contact details for them to RSVP, where the event is taking place (tip: if you’re still uncertain, then call it a ‘secret location’, not only will this intrigue your guests, but it’ll also give you some time to prep and find your venue. Additionally, make sure that your guests are aware of your theme (if you have one), and ask them to communicate any dietary requirements beforehand so you can let the caterers know in advance.

Guest list - This may sound obvious but create a guest list for your dinner and dance party, and to be even more efficient do so in alphabetical order. If you want to get super organized then make note of the seating arrangements too, this way when guests arrive and are ticked off they can also be told where they’re sitting at the same time.

Think theme - A dinner and dance party is a great excuse to slap on the fancy dress, and capture some epic photographs. Themed events can also help to break the ice and can provide your guests with something to talk about. However, the theme covers a lot more than just a fancy dress, it’s about creating the right atmosphere, and making sure the venue, decorations, food and even the little trinkets reflect your theme clearly.

Three creative theme ideas: 1. A Caribbean night - Decorate your venue with straw umbrellas, bright colors and coconut trees, and transform your evening into an Island getaway. Your guests don't have to wear the standard Hawaiian shirt, but think of how you want to best reflect this theme. Consider a game of limbo (probably best after plenty of exotic cocktails. 2. A masquerade - An all time favourite dinner and dance theme has to be a masquerade. Masks, live music, and ballroom dancing, a masquerade is full of suspense and fun. Use gold and silver to complement your chosen colour scheme, and use romantic lighting. 3. Medieval - Take it back to the medieval ages and create a dinner and dance party fit for a king (and queen, and knights... you get the point). Decorate the venue with coats of arms, large tables and anything else reflective of the time period. A little less classical than your everyday dinner and dance party, but can be great fun, and is bound to give your guests something to talk about.

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