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5 St. Martin's Place, London, WC2N 4JH

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About St Martin-in-the-fields

The Crypt at St Martin-in-the-Fields is the hidden gem and the oldest venue of Trafalgar Square! St Martin-in-the-Fields mixes the traditional with the modern; here you can find a beautiful Crypt or Gallery both with stunning 18th century architecture, original brick-vaulted ceilings and stone floors. Then find a stunning traditional oak-panelled Conference Hall & Lightwell with its feat in architectural design and three modern meeting rooms full of natural daylight. St Martin-in-the-Fields has a very open door policy, accommodating staff and in-house catering team, they pride themselves at being champions in providing clients with the true meaning of hospitality.

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Ratings & Reviews

Brenda ReynoldsOctober 5th, 2018

Wonderful ancient Church that has musical recitals & rehearsals for all to step inside & enjoy. Is a brass-rubbing centre. Has a great shop downstairs and cafe/restaurant in the Crypt where they serve great food & beverages. You can dine while reading the tombstones below your feet! In the entrance to the Church is a beautiful sculpture in stone of the newly born Christchild. In good weather one can dine at the Al Fresco cafe outside.


Tessa BlancOctober 5th, 2018

My first and best memory of London. The day I landed a girl handed me a pamphlet advertising Mozart's Requiem played at the St. Martin church by candlelight that very evening, and tickets were surprisingly cheap. The concert was beautiful. I walked to my hotel thinking this was the greatest country in the world! The church as a whole is worth visiting, and don't forget to go down to the basement to visit the boutique and café.


Elisabeth DossOctober 5th, 2018

What a treat this little place was. They have probably my favorite gift shop that wasn’t at a tourist destination (down the stairs in the crypt), and little cafe and a beautiful sanctuary. If you have a chance, try to catch one f their choral or orchestral shows...you will NOT be disappointed! It was one of my favorite things we did in London.


macedonboyOctober 5th, 2018

This church is probably best known for it's prominent location in London situated right across from Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery as well has being only 10 minutes walk from Leicester Square. It's supposed to be the parish church of the royal family, making it another draw. There's a lot of history related to the church dating all the way back to Roman times, so it's worth taking the guided tour. The cafe is also interesting, as it's location in the church crypt. I especially liked the clear glass window with it's peculiarly shaped mullions behind the alter.


BradJill TravelsOctober 5th, 2018

St. Martin in the field is one of the first places we think of when considering chamber ensembles in London. This is an important historic building and landmark in the city and a world famous venue for classical concerts. The church is also well located at Trafalgar Square, a place most visitors will eventually find themselves at some point in their visit to London. These days you can reserve tickets to performances online or you can simply visit their box office at the church itself. Concerts are not expensive and usually run no more than an hour and a half. If you visit during lunch, you can even sit in on free lunchtime concerts (Last time we visited, suggested donation was £3.50 per person). If you are around London during early December, you can catch the St. Martin choir leading Christmas carols at the first lighting of the tree in Trafalgar Square. This is always a nice activity to see and participate in. It really sets the mood for the rest of the month to be a jolly and festive time. In the end, we highly recommend visits to the famous St. Martin in the Field church when spending time at Trafalgar Square and encourage those interested in chamber music to consider attending a concert here during their trip to London.


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