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chubb hillman

August 1st, 2021

I booked 3x rooms and asked for all 3x to be close to each other, we arrived first and left our luggage with them, then quarter of an hour later the other couple's arrived so we checked in and went for a walk about, when we came back to the hotel and before going up to our rooms to freshen up to go out for meal later to celebrate one of my friends birthday. We thought we would have a drink at the bar, We sat and had a quiet drink only to be told that we would have to move away from the table in ten minutes as the table has been booked? Who is this other so important paying guest I asked myself? Anyway the 3x rooms may as well of been in all area's of Brighton? So much for being close. £350 per room, per night, 2x were like shoe boxes and 1x was much lager, so how does it work out they are all the same price. I took some video of me running my finger across the headboard, picture frames, and the mirror and I was disappointed with the amount of dust that came away? I will try and up load the videos as soon as possible. Apart from this the staff were lovely and polite and the decor was amazing. Sorry only 3x star's from me, and that's only because my wife said. 🙄🙄


Annette Kallamu

October 2nd, 2021

The Hotel itself was comfortable. The room was very clean, spacious and all facilities were adequate. Downstairs they had a decent lounge and plenty of space to sit and socialise with other guests. The afternoon Tea was reasonably priced and of very good standard. We only ate at the restaurant not the grill by the lounge. The food at the restaurant was of decent quality and the price was very affordable. We would definitely return. Apart from that the breakfast was really amazing especially their grilled tomatoes and their staff were all pleasant.I dropped a star just because some parts of the stair area felt dated, and also because we saw some bird droppings inside the hotel upstairs on the tip floor where there was a sitting area. Also because for breakfast I was sat in an area right next to the plates being cleared which meant I had to endure the clanging of dishes and cutlery during my breakfast . No one should be seated so close to a dish/cutlery clearing area. We were moved as soon as we said something. I would recommend this hotel.


Jana Rusová

August 20th, 2021

So far the best afternoon tea I had. Booked it as an experience for a friend that came to visit England. It didn't state on the website but once I booked I noticed I will only have 1h30 for the afternoon tea which seemed a bit short. I wrote and asked if it's possible to change it and they replied fast and accommodated to our needs. I appreciate that greatly as it meant we could enjoy the tea in peace without stressing about the time. The service was amazing and the room/lounge was very gorgeous. Definitely would recommend. Also the scones were top notch!



August 16th, 2021

Fabulous afternoon tea. Food wonderful. Well presented and served by amazing ladies. The gentleman outside on door duty went above and beyond with his help and advice. He deserves a medal. Even carried my stick up the steps for me, showing us exactly where to go. A memorable visit for ask the right reasons. A must for anyone who appreciates good food well presented on beautiful crockery, in stunning surroundings.


Anne Roberts

September 10th, 2021

Will write a full review when we leave but, have booked in today for a 5 day break. Valet parking, cases taken to our room which is amazing. Here for a special occasion wine and chocs in our room, the staff so far have been amazing . Just waiting for room service. If so far is anything to go by worth every penny .


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