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Locked In A Room Bristol Explore Lane, Bristol, BS1 5TY

Very few activities immerse you in a world where you think of nothing except the task at hand. Locked In A Room does. It’s unique, it’s fantastic fun, it’s challenging, it’s pure escapism. You may be surprised on how well you automatically pull together in a unified team in unlocking the key to escape!

An unforgettable live escape room Bristol experience. Locked In A Room – Bristol is ideal for large or small groups of friends looking to experience something completely different, as a unique gift, corporate events, team building, B2B client entertainment and birthday parties.

Samuel Pottenger and Albert Scabworthy; Two of the greatest scientists of a generation, forever locked in bitter rivalry. But now, Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped, and his fabled Infinity Device has begun to melt down, threatening all life on Earth. As a last resort, Pottenger has called upon the one mind powerful enough to find his Infinity Lab and avert disaster: his oldest enemy.

As Dr Scabworthy’s most loyal interns, can you solve the mysteries of Pottenger’s house, uncover his greatest secret, and save the universe? Prove yourself worthy, and your names will live on through Infinity…

*Available in four identical rooms for a multi-escape experience*

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Sim LaurenOctober 16th, 2019

Heaps of fun. (But I’m really biased!) Some of the rooms are accessible for people wanting to use their wheelchair while playing. Best to give the office a call to ensure your team is put in the room most accessible for your team. 1 game has an Aural puzzle that can be modified to be accessible for people who are hard of hearing. (Again, call the office so we know to work our magic on it before your session.)


Biker GuyOctober 16th, 2019

I have done a couple "escape from a room" places and this has been the best, the decor and lay out is professional, the staff friendly and supportive. The clues and riddles were challenging but not impossible. The Location is ideal, so easy to meet up and park nearby. As well as have a meal/drinks with the many bars and restaurants nearby. I cannot find a fault with this place.


Richard CrosbyOctober 16th, 2019

It was an interesting experience haven’t not done anything similar before - but they were way to over the top on the theatrics for me. Less pantomime and more puzzle please 🙂 Was also hoping for wider variety but the bulk of it is working out lock combinations. The crystal maze it is not. Not a bad night out though with friends / work.


Anthony WoodOctober 16th, 2019

Really well thought out escape room. Puzzles were smart and diverse. Like all escape rooms I have done, it was heavy on combination locks to progress, however it had some other really cool alternative unlocking mechanisms too. We needed to draw on the experiences and expertise of the whole team to solve the puzzles quickly, i.e. it was a great team game. 4-6 players would be perfect.


Jake KnightOctober 16th, 2019

Fantastic experience!! The price may turn some away for an hours worth of experience, but its so worth it!! Amazing fun for friends even when the stress level rises with the countdown going into the red. The staff are amazingly friendly and funny and an overall fantastic experience.

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