Increase booking revenue with competitive, data driven pricing.

The Venue Hire Pricing Tool

This simple pricing tool pulls data from 25k venue prices in areas near you and uses >1 million data points to help you price your venue just right to gain maximum booking revenue. It also gives you a “competitive” price this is the price that would mean you’d be just less expensive than the average venue hire price so would capture more bookings.

You could secure up to +300% more bookings by having competitive pricing.

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Venue Marketing Tips

Undercut the Competition

Our data analysis of >1m event organisers searching for venues is that there are two most significant drivers of interest in your venue. 1. Price 2. Photo quality. Through having a price that is more competitive you can win up to 3x more business. Our tool pulls all competitor data of 25k venues showing you what the average price is and how you can undercut this.

Marketing your venue

Our top tips for marketing your venue are to ensure that your photography & video are tip top. List on the top listing platforms and be clear about how you differ to competitors. See more on marketing here (hyper link to

Top Global listing platforms

If you're based in the USA we recommend listing on Peerspace, If you're european we recommend, and in the UK of course! we also recommend Canvas events and TagVenue as top listing platforms.

Our Algorithm

The pricing algorithm takes data from not just the 25k venues on our platform but the 60k that we have in our database. We have the most wide-spread pricing data in the UK. We calculate blending price per hour, day, guest and minimum spend using an intelligent back end calculator. We show you the average price and a price that is 5% below the average which gives you the most competitive advantage.