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It’s one of the best nights out in the northwest whatever time of year you’re going. At Christmas, though? Manchester is even more of a great city to visit! It doesn’t matter whether you’re catering to a few dozen people or a few hundred, our choice of Christmas party venues in Manchester will have something for you.


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What are the best Christmas party venues in Manchester

We’re proud of our portfolio; it truly features some of the best Christmas Party venues Manchester has to offer.

Think carefully about what kind of a budget you have to work with before you start venue hunting for real. The budget available to you will determine what sorts of venues you are able to realistically consider, as well as what kind of catering options you can go for. Remember to not only consider the cost of hiring out the space itself, but also other expenses such as transport and any entertainment you want – this should all add up!

You should also try to compile a guest list of attendees as soon as possible. Having a complete picture of exactly how many people to expect will make organising and arranging everything else much more straightforward. Even if you cannot get the precise names of everyone coming, you should get a maximum number of attendees to work with. Some of your guests might have plus-ones, making it unpredictable exactly how many people will show up. If you plan for maximum attendance, you will be prepared for any situation.

Once you know what kind of celebration you want, you can then look through the VenueScanner catalogue of Manchester Christmas Party venues. We have venues to suit every kind of event you could possibly want to throw. Whether you are looking to put on a small and intimate get-together or going all out on an extravagant party with hundreds of guests, there is something in our range of available venues that will satisfy your demands.

Unique Christmas party venues In Manchester

So what are the most unique Christmas party venues in Manchester for 2023? There is no shortage of out-of-the-box options when it comes to finding Xmas party venues in Manchester. Why not be part of an immersive experience at Alcotraz or get a little competitive at the Roxy Ball Room in Deansgate? The best corporate Christmas parties get your team together so they can interact and bond. Make things fun by heading to an activity bar like Sixes Cricket. Alternatively, you can amp up the decadence and dine in an old bank vault at Lucky Cat. Whatever you decide to do, there are so many incredible Christmas venues in Manchester to choose from.

Cheap Christmas venues In Manchester

If you need to stay on budget this year, there are lots of cheap Christmas venues in Manchester that offer minimum spends instead of dry hire. People with a smaller budget that still want a party vibe for the festive season, should check out Chinawhite, a fun night club. For a classy drinks reception, Kitten, an aesthetically pleasing cocktail lounge is perfect. And if you want a centrally located venue, look at Manahatta Deansgate.

Types of Christmas venues Manchester

Pretty much any venue you can think of could work for Christmas if it’s decked out for the holiday season. The most popular choices are bars, restaurants, galleries, and activity bars, just to name a few. There are so many incredible neighbourhoods in Manchester from the Northern Quarter to Deansgate, King Street, and everything in between.

How much does it cost to plan a Christmas party

The price of hiring a Christmas party venue in Manchester can vary quite a bit depending on location, size, and type. Smaller spaces can have a minimum spend as little as £100-£300 where larger ones can vary between £350-£3000. If you’re looking at really big spaces they can have much higher minimum spends.

High budget

If you have a high budget you can look at venues that offer dry hire. These are the best spaces if you want to completely customise your event. Manchester Christmas venues get booked up pretty early, as do caterers and entertainment. Make sure you leave enough time to find the right venue. Knowing your budget will help expedite this experience.

Mid budget

For slightly lower budgets in the mid-range, you can look for Christmas party venues in Manchester that offer minimum spends or dry hire. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with a minimum spend venue where drinks and food purchase go towards it. There are lots of venues that offer minimum spend no matter how many people you’ll have attending your party. Make sure you ask about any drinks or food packages on offer as you can often save some money by ordering ahead of time.

Low budget

If you have a lower budget, don’t worry, you can still plan an epic Christmas party in Manchester. All you have to do is be mindful of where your money is going. Find a centrally located venue with a cheap minimum spend. Or, if you need to travel further afield, make sure there’s public transport available so you don’t have to spend your budget on a coach. Enjoy some pizza ahead of time at your office before you set off and put most of your budget towards drinks at the venue.

FAQ specific to Manchester

Where in Manchester can I find the best Christmas party venues?

The best areas in Manchester to host your Christmas party are Deansgate, the Northern Quarter, Piccadilly, and Spinningfields as well as other areas.

How much does it cost to hire a Christmas party venue in Manchester?

Prices vary depending on what venue you choose but generally prices range from £100-£3000 minimum spend. Prices can be higher for dry hire.

How do I host a cheap Christmas party in Manchester?

If you want to host a cheap Christmas party in Manchester you should look for minimum spend venues. Find out if you can order drinks or food packages ahead of time as this can sometimes save you money.

What are the most important things to consider when planning a Manchester Christmas party?

Budget, capacity, and location are the most important things to consider when planning your Christmas party. This can help you narrow down your choices of venues.

Is public transport easy to navigate in Manchester for Christmas?

Like most major cities in the UK, Manchester is well-served by an extensive public transport network. The Transport For Greater Manchester travel network encompasses rail, trams, buses, and cycle routes. Whichever venue you choose for your Christmas party, it is easy to get around Manchester using the public transport network. There are train stations covering both central Manchester and the outlying suburbs, so getting into Manchester from outside the city is easy thanks to its extensive rail links.

Tram services run frequently, with trams available on the Ashton line every six minutes, and every 12 minutes on all other lines. Trams are a relatively rare sight in UK cities, but they are an efficient method of public transport. Unlike a bus, a tram does not have to worry about waiting for traffic and can maintain a much more regular schedule like a train.

When should I start looking to book a Christmas party venue in Manchester?

Don't fall into the trap of trying to do everything at the last minute: this is how mistakes are made and things end up slipping through the cracks. For one thing, if you leave all of your planning late, then the best venues will already have been booked. If you are going to go to a pub or restaurant, you don't have to worry about organising catering. However, if you are just going to be hiring out the space, you will need to make arrangements for things like food and drinks separately. Again, booking this in advance will ensure that your first options are available.

Why should I use VenueScanner

Excellent question. When our founder, Rebecca Kelly, first thought up the idea of VenueScanner, she wanted to create a truly useful resource that matched PAs with amazing venues all over the country.

It’s resulted in us helping people find venues for smaller events – we’re talking exercise classes, birthday parties and meetings – to large-scale functions like business conferences and team away day experiences. Christmas parties, though? That is what we do best.

Each year, we help PAs discover and book venues that perfectly match their office’s budget, style and vibe. There’s plenty to arrange with the Christmas party, but finding a suitable venue isn’t anything you’ll need to worry about when you’re using VenueScanner. So whether you’re wanting to book somewhere for dinner and drinks or want a venue with activities, you’ll find your perfect fit amongst our selection of the best Christmas party venues Manchester can offer.

VenueScanner is the best place to discover, compare and then book venues for your Xmas party. Our service is free, we’ve got a generous rewards scheme for our customers and we put you in direct contact with venue hosts to help make your dreams become a reality. We’ve even got a concierge team to take all of the stress away from you so you can rest easy this holiday season.

Whether you only need a small space, are searching for something a bit unique, would like a private dining area or you’re only here for drinks and dancing, you’ll find your ideal Manchester Christmas party venue here on our platform. Send us a message at [email protected] if you need help any step of the way.

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