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533b Kings Road, London, SW10 0TZ

Offering an intoxicating mix of commercial club classics and party tunes, luscious cocktails, the finest selection of rums this side of Havana and a rooftop terrace that will sweep you away to the island itself, Embargo República brings you Cuba on the Kings Road.

If it’s a chilled out vibe you’re seeking, relax under the stars on the open air terrace, a tropical haven that emanates Cuban al-fresco living. Boasting arguably the finest choice of cocktails and rum’s in town!

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Hugo PerryOctober 16th, 2019

Bar staff are trained to push for a £10 card limit which is totally illegal as of the beginning of this year. I called the bar lady out on it and she insisted it was legal and wandered over to serve their next victim. I then went to another member of their con team with the exact law on my phone, and he responded with the following: "My friend, my friend, on this occasion I will allow it, what would you like?". To which I swiftly reminded him that his resolution is by no means a favour, its the god damn law. A shame because I had an enjoyable night, but I shan't stand for poor principles, its deceitful and unlawful at best.


Molly PearmaineOctober 16th, 2019

Came here for my friend's birthday after I had finished work on Friday 18th May. I paid £15 for entry, which is extortionate anyway, but I didn't mind because of the occasion. I got to the bar in the smoking area and asked the bartender for a double gin and cranberry. Being a bartender myself I know what's going on when I'm poured a drink, so when I saw him pour me a single I quickly corrected him and asked for a double. The bartender lied and said it was a double, and when I called him out on it he put the drink behind the bar and ignored me. Astounded by his unprofessional behaviour, I asked him if he was really going to ignore me and his reply was rude and sarcastic. When I made a complaint to the manager at the bar in the main room I got a little to nothing response and no apology. Warning to anyone who decides to come here that you're probably getting less than you want for double the money. If you want to be cheated, this is the perfect place for you.


Archie PollockOctober 16th, 2019

£12 for a rum and coke seems over the top for a place like this. It's nothing special. Music was fine and had a decent night, but mostly due to the crowd I was with rather than as a result of a good venue. Can't pay by card to get in which is puzzling at best, plus you're charged to withdraw cash from their machine. Squeezing every last quid out of you. Wouldn't recommend to friends unless desperate


Gayle ChapmanOctober 16th, 2019

I Hadn’t been to Embargoes for years but went a last weekend for a friends birthday. We all chipped in for a table which was really good fun and worth it to have our own space and have table service. We had so much fun. The music is a really good mix of old and new and a good mix of people. Definitely want to go back!


andrius savcenkoOctober 16th, 2019

There's an entrance fee of £15 which is cash only (don't mind that I have to pay but nowhere on the website did it say cash only). Had to use the ATM inside the building which charges £1.95 Bar staff are very friendly and gave some great help. There's a £10 minimum on cards but nowhere is this told before hand. (The only place to get cash once again is the chargeable ATM) Music is okay. Goes through good patches and bad patches.

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