Xmas Party Ideas For Startups & Small Teams

Xmas Party Ideas For Startups & Small Teams

On the top of the corporate social calendar lies an annual event which is highly anticipated by all… The office Christmas party. However, when you’re in a startup, small team or just have an incredibly tightfisted boss, the likelikehood of being able to throw a grandeur Xmas bash, is almost zero to none, and you can somewhat lack the festive feeling that every other bigger company has. But, this is not the time to be disheartened, everyone deserves that magical feeling that the festive season brings. So, without further ado, I’m gifting you with 5 xmas party ideas for start ups and small teams…


1. Consider a shared Christmas Party

If you’re in an SME or startup you’ll be no stranger to the fact that co-working spaces have become increasingly popular. If you’re one of those lucky people to be sharing a building with other companies it’s the perfect time to make friends and save you all some cash. Consider throwing a joint Christmas party, not only will this mean that there’ll be extra funds, but it’ll also be a great networking opportunity, and you’ll be able to host the party in an amazing venue for not so extortionate prices. You know what they say about Christmas bringing people together and all that jazz? Well, it’s time to get friendly with the neighbours!


2. Try a  team bonding activity

Christmas time is the perfect time for team bonding activities, and luckily there are some awesome agencies and companies that will help you and your team create an amazing festive feel without having to go out of pocket. One incredibly fun, electrifying company we at VenueScanner can personally recommend, is The Green Hat People. They design interactive business games and workshops, triggering collaboration and engagement.


3. Hold your Xmas party in-house with in-house cooking

Often, when companies are short on funds, outsourcing a venue is just not an option, so the office is always a safe haven. Why not hold your Christmas party at the office, or even at home? Not only will this cut down on the spend, but you can actually make a whole day out of this. Colleagues can work together to prep the beloved turkey, whilst others prepare some Christmas cocktails, and of course plenty of games will be at the ready. It’ll definitely add that personal element to it, and with everyone working together in a familiar setting it will be sure to bring out that warm ‘Christmassy’ feeling.


4. Opt for a Christmas drinks

Christmas drinks is sure to get your colleagues into the Christmas spirit… gin, whiskey, and vodka that is. Almost everyone loves Christmas drinks as it’s a much more casual affair than a traditional Christmas party, and let’s face it, everyone bonds over booze. Just be mindful that over-drinking can be the biggest regret the day after, so don’t get sloppy drunk, and make sure everyone knows their limits. The best tip is to hold the Christmas drinks on a Friday, so know one can call in sick (i.e. hungover) the next day.


5. Take advantage of being a small team

From all of the ideas above, the one thing that we can gather is that bonding is incredibly key to a successful festive event, and when you’re in a tight-knit team you’ll always have an advantage of making this happen over big corporates. A really easy way to ensure that everyone enjoys the Christmas ‘party’ (I say party, but this term is used very loosely in this context) is by throwing a brainstorming session with everyone in the team, and encourage them to offer ideas about what they’d like to do over Christmas. Personally, I believe a trip to Winter Wonderland would be great (hint to the VS Christmas party planners), and you may find that there’ll be that one activity or inexpensive place that everyone agrees on, and there you’ll have it, your Christmas party sorted!

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